How to Write a Will in California

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Creating a will is the easiest way to ensure your assets are appropriately distributed to your loved ones. Residents of California are allowed to write their wills, but regulations apply before a court can consider this a valid, legally binding document. The legal team at Weiner Law can help you explore options if you want […]

The Biggest Mistake Parents Make When Setting Up A Trust Fund

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Establishing a trust for your child is one of the most practical estate planning strategies.  A trust has various benefits, including providing educational funds and protecting your child’s inheritance. When creating this type of trust, parents are faced with many decisions, and a wrong step on this journey may cost their children later in life.  […]

Proposed Federal Estate Planning Changes: Trusts, Taxation, and Planning for Your Future

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This week the House Ways and Means Committee (“the Committee”) released drafted legislation to increase certain taxes beginning in 2022. The increased taxation is meant to raise revenue to support some of the estimated $3.5 trillion which the federal government seeks to spend as part of a domestic investment plan. While the President has promised […]

When Does a Revocable Trust Become Irrevocable?

when does revocablee trust become irrevocable

Creating a revocable trust is a cost-effective and often straightforward estate planning strategy with a range of benefits, including safeguarding assets and avoiding probate.  However, many people do not realize that a revocable trust can become irrevocable.  This article explores situations when a revocable trust become irrevocable, along with other critical things you should know […]

How Much Does Estate Planning Cost?

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An estate plan can take care of those you leave behind and provide you with peace of mind that your assets will be handled wisely.  The cost of estate planning varies considerably from case to case in California.  Learning more about the estate planning process will help you gain a better understanding of how to […]

Opinion: A Disney Heir Rejects Wealthy Families’ Focus on Tax Avoidance

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Writing in The Atlantic last month, the granddaughter of Roy O. Disney launched a withering attack on the estate planning that her family, and other similarly situated families, have had in place for generations. Noting that all methods employed by her ancestors to minimize taxes were perfectly legal, Abigail Disney nevertheless questions the morality of […]

Estate Planning For A Child With Special Needs: What Parents Need To Know

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Estate planning is obviously a concern for all parents, but if you have a child with special needs, it is crucial that you are aware of the unique considerations that go into planning for a child who may be dependent on you at some level for their lifetime. If your child has special needs, it […]

3 Vital Estate Planning Documents For High School Graduates

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With the arrival of summer, many young people across the country have just reached a key milestone: high school graduation. If you have a child claiming their diploma, now is the time to prepare them for life after leaving the nest. Graduating high school is a significant accomplishment. However, it comes with serious responsibilities that […]

The Sanders Death Tax Sledgehammer

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“Ending a Rigged Tax Code: The Need to Make the Wealthiest People and Largest Corporations Pay Their Fair Share of Taxes.”  This is the title given to the Budget Committee hearing presided over by Senator Sanders on March 25, 2021, out of which emerged the proposed For the 99.5% Act.  This proposed new legislation purportedly […]