Are There Ways To Reduce Tax If I Sell My Highly Appreciated Real Estate

How to Reduce Taxation If I Sell My Real Estate Stock prices may be down, but real estate is proving more resilient.  Many owners of real estate are considering selling for all manner of reasons.  Some are looking at the economic headwinds and wondering if the market has peaked, at least for the foreseeable future.  […]

Dispute Among LA Chargers Owners Deepens As Dea Spanos Files Court Petition

Why You Should Plan Carefully Your Trust Fund I spoke to CBS News last week about the latest developments in the Spanos trust litigation.  The family that owns the LA Chargers has been embroiled in acrimony since the passing of Alex and Faye Spanos.  Alex and Faye’s trust, which owns 36% of the Chargers, made […]

Does An Irrevocable Trust Protect Assets From Sanctions?

russian oligarch alisher usmanov

Does An Irrevocable Trust Protect Assets From Sanctions? Alisher Ushmanov Yacht, $600M Dilbar, Seized… But Is He Worried? You would think that when the Alisher Usmanov yacht, Dilbar, was impounded in Germany last week this would have irked him somewhat. The London based Russian Oligarch, whose net worth has been estimated to be more than […]

Spanos Family Trust Dispute: Be Careful Who You Choose As Successor Trustee

Chargers owner Dean Spanos, also the team’s chairman, is being sued by family members who have accused him of inappropriately diverting funds away from the Spanos family trust, of which many family members are beneficiaries.  Dean’s parents, Alex and Faye Spanos, purchased the Chargers in 1984 and subsequently transferred 36% ownership of the team into […]

Surfing The Wealth Transfer Wave

Plan Your Estate With Weiner Law

The start of 2022 marks another step toward the largest intergenerational transfer of wealth the United States has ever seen. For years economists and wealth experts have forecasted a global shift of trillions of dollars in accumulated wealth and assets, with nearly $35 trillion expected to change hands in the United States alone. According to […]

How To Lock In Crypto Or Stock Market Gains Without Being Wiped Out By The IRS

Protect Your Crypto Or Stock Market Profits Weiner Law Firm

One of the most common questions we have been asked by our clients during 2021 is what to do about unrealized gains. With rising stock markets and the explosive performance of some cryptocurrency assets, many people have investments that have significantly increased in value. However, whether the assets are held in a TD Ameritrade or […]

Is It Time To Review Your Estate Plan?

Planning Estate Review For Elderly Parents Weiner Law

While you may have your executed estate planning documents in place, it is crucial to review those documents and their contents at various points in time. Estate planning is an ongoing process and requires routine review to ensure your documents are actually accomplishing your goals. Although we usually think of wills and trusts as the […]

6 Reasons To Create An Advance Health Care Directive Regardless Of Your Age

An Advance Health Care Directive is a document which allows an individual to appoint one or more medical decision makers to assist should they ever be unable to make decisions themselves. Advance Health Care Directives also allow individuals to customize their wishes for end of life and life sustaining medical treatments. These documents are useful […]

When Is A Will Not Valid? Creating a Will to Avoid Mistakes and Invalidation

couple signing a will

When is a will not valid? How do you create a fool-proof will? Many individuals create wills during their lifetime so they can control the disposition of their assets after they pass. Creating a will during your lifetime also spares your family or friends the struggle of guessing what your wishes are, especially if those […]